Laser Hair Removal

“The principle behind laser hair removal is the use of long wavelength energy to target melanin within hairs in the deeper layers of the skin, disrupting the follicles ability to regenerate and permanently reducing hair growth with each session. Common sites for unwanted hair removal include the face, neck, underarms, back, legs, arms, bikini and full Brazilian treatment areas.

At Tribeca Park Dermatology, we utilize three laser/light systems for permanent hair reduction — the InMode Diolaze laser, the Sciton Profile 1064 Nd:YAG and the Sciton ForeverBare BBL System. With 3 devices to choose from, we can offer the most effective treatment available for each individual based on their skin and hair type, and we can safely perform treatments on all skin tones. Hair reduction is seen after the first session but for full results a series of 5-8 treatments is usually needed, spaced 4-6 weeks.