Laser Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

Fractional Resurfacing / Profractional Therapy is a laser procedure used to improve the overall appearance of the skin. The procedure uses a laser to treat thousands of pinpoint areas. Because only a fraction of the skin is directly treated, the surrounding untreated skin promotes rapid healing. The wound healing response creates new collagen which adds firmness and resilience to the skin. The treatment is well tolerated with little post-procedure downtime expected.

Laser Peel Contour TRL skin resurfacing is an excellent treatment for the overall treatment of deep wrinkles, photodamage, scars, actinic keratoses, and poor skin tone and texture. It can safely treat the area above the lip and around the eyes. The laser removes a layer of skin to a depth that can be varied according to skin type, desired outcome, and acceptable downtime. The depth of penetration is carefully controlled with micron precision. The treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin which improves the thickness and resilience of the skin and helps to give the skin an overall younger, rejuvenated appearance.