The Omnilux revive LED device effectively and painlessly rejuvenates the skin by safely emitting a focal wavelength of red light that penetrates deep into the skin to activate cellular machinery and increase collagen and elastin production. Omnilux revive is completely safe and pain free, delivering light-only skin rejuventation. Independent clinical studies revealed an 80% overall improvement in skin smoothness and a statistically significant reduction in the wrinkles around the eyes. In addition it also demonstrates effective in treating superficial vascular and pigmentary lesions. When used in combination with Omnilux blue, it is also a treatment for mild to moderate acne.

Use of Omnilux revive has been shown to accelerate the wound healing response and therefore offers an effective treatment for the healing of compromised skin - whether following an excision, an abrasion, or following skin rejuvenation techniques such as intense pulse light, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing.