Vanquish is the award-winning non-contact radio frequency body contouring system that selectively heats and destroys adipose (fat) tissue, while sparing surrounding tissues like skin and muscle. Vanquish is "non-contact" because the applicator sits just above the body's surface during the entire treatment session - no contact is made with the skin.

The efficacy and safety of the procedure is based on the fact that the electrical impedance of various tissue layers differ. The Vanquish Radiofrequency Device automatically tunes its frequency to match and target its thermal energy into the impedance range of fat tissue. The temperature in the treated fat increases to apoptic levels while the surrounding tissues remain protected. The end result is selective destruction of fat and visible reduction in inches around the waist, thighs, and/or arms over the weeks that follow.

Vanquish treatments are safe, easy, and pain free.  During Vanquish treatments, there is a sensation of warmth similar to contact with a heating pad. Normal activities may be resumed immediately after completing each session.

5 treatment sessions are recommended for the abdomen, back and/or love handles and 6 sessions are recommended to treat the arms or thighs. Treatments should be performed once or twice weekly for optimal results.

Results vary but most patients can expect an average reduction of 2-3 inches around the waist and abdomen and 1-2 inches around each thigh.   Hydration can affect the results so it is advised that patients drink several glasses of water prior to their sessions.